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The website of J. de Beer bv has been assembled with great care. Nonetheless we can’t give a guarantee towards the integrity nor the correctness or actuality of the information given on this site. J. de Beer is not liable for this information nor the results in usage of such. No rights can be derived towards the published data on this website. J. de Beer bv does not claim responsibility nor liability towards information on deep linked websites of third parties.



Nothing of this website may be reproduced or used without prior written consent of J. de Beer bv., apart from downloading and viewing such on another computer and/or printing a single hardcopy for personal, no business, use.


Privacy Statement

J. de Beer bv respects the privacy of all visitors to her website. If, in any given case, your personal data is required, this information will be treated confidential and merely used to supply you with relevant information for your own usage. This information will only be used by the people that have been mobilized by J. de Beer bv to help you use the sought-after information. By entering your data, you are agreeing with this.

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