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De Beer Breidenbach GmbH

Our plastics factory Breidenbach is located in Linsengericht (Work 1 and 2).




  • Production of plastic injection mould parts

    Breidenbach supplies plastic parts to the industry (OEM). We produce 24 hours a day, on over 40 machines. Every day, over 500,000 parts come out of our machines.
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  • Specialist in soft plastics

    Breidenbach specialises in processing soft plastics, including thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and types of soft PVC.
    Soft plastics are used on a large scale for seals in the plumbing industry, but also for countless other applications. Visit for more information about our options.


  • Product development & design

    The majority of our product development is done at Breidenbach. Here, we have collected extensive knowledge on materials, production techniques and technical design.


  • Mould construction

    We have our own mould factory, where moulds are constructed for our injection moulding. As an extension of our development department, we also make many test moulds and special concepts.


  • Metal cutting dies

    At our metal die-cutting factory, we produce components from various metals. On various die-cutting machines weighing 20 to 135 tonnes, we can produce both large and small amounts.


  • Assembly

    Breidenbach also has an assembly department, focused on automated assembly by means of machines. That makes this department particularly suited for large amounts.


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