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Made by De Beer

De Beer develops and produces technical components for the European plumbing industry. We do so at our own factories in Barneveld, Wuppertal and Linsengericht.

De Beer is the supplier of seals, fixtures and many other small products needed by installers every day. Though we produce over 10,000 different products, we still see ourselves as very specialised.


Innovative materials

De Beer has extensive knowledge of soft materials, ranging from different types of rubber and PVC to modern thermoplastic elastomers. We can replace rubber with toxic content with clean thermoplastic elastomers. In doing so, we are ahead of European regulations concerning polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) or German regulations on elastomers in drinking water applications.

We can also use TPEs for drain seals, whereby we meet the European EN681-2 norm. This enables us to produce shape seals with a much more efficient process than with traditional types of rubber.


Don’t experiment with quality

The importance of seals usually doesn’t become clear until something goes wrong. Though the initial costs of these components are relatively low, consequential damages can be colossal. That is why as far as De Beer is concerned, experimenting with quality or seals with exotic origins are out of the question.

When you do business with De Beer, you can count on the quality we connect to our good name. We offer security. On most De Beer products, you will even get a 10-year warranty!


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