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Why De Beer?

We are familiar with specific problems surrounding small components and C items and have developed various services and concepts to play into that. Every customer has their own reasons for doing business with De Beer, but here are a few:


  • European top quality: 10-year warranty!

    We produce in our own factories in Germany and the Netherlands, enabling us to guarantee the best quality. We trust in that so much that we offer a 10-year warranty on our products.


  • Your stocks empty + high delivery performance

    We can deliver nearly 10,000 different items directly from stock, often within 24 hours. That allows you to keep a small stock, while maintaining a high delivery performance.
    Once we have coordinated our systems, you will never have to concern yourself with our products – saving you lots of time!


  • Item management is a lot of work!

    But not if we do it for you. De Beer understands like no other the complexity and scope of managing many thousands of items.
    We manage our core information with the Etim classification and are a member of 2BA, Synnomax and Arge Neue Medien. That is how we provide item information in various countries.


  • EDI, that’s how easy ordering can be.

    We support various forms of digital orders. We can also send order confirmations, packing slips and invoices via EDI. Less administrative work and a minimum risk of errors.


  • …..for that price?

    Since we supply products to the plumbing industry, we can produce on a very large scale with a high degree of automation. That allows us to combine good quality with sharp prices.


  • Give us a challenge!

    Do you have special wishes for packaging or logistics? Do you want LEAN, Just-in-Time or Vendor Managed Inventory? We can do it!
    Every year, we produce many millions of private label packages in all kinds of varieties. Let us help you think about the best concept for you.


Do you also want to benefit from De Beer’s specialised knowledge and do you have a big challenge for us? Or do you just never want to have to worry about your seals and components?


Let’s look at the options together!

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