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On the 1st of December 1953 Jan de Beer senior, being a trade agent, starts the sale of leaden water outlets and traps.

In the following years, De Beer grows towards a trustworthy partner of mainly German sanitary product manufacturers.

’60: De Beer starts with own production

At the end of the 60’s, De Beer starts with the production of mounting kits and the sale of gaskets. By doing so, the path towards ‘own products’ has been layed.

In the years to follow, De Beer continues to produce more, or has moulds made, by which products of De Beer are manufactured.


In 1980 De Beer builds a new facility at the new business location Barneveld.


In 1983 Jan de Beer junior succeeds his father and takes over the company. This marks the start of a long growing period.

De Beer grows steadily through acquisitions as well as autonomous growth. The strategy to take more and more control by adopting the production of items, is being continued in the 90’s.


In 1985 De Beer acquires the company Asfra bv, a manufacturer/importer of ironware, locks and hinges. This company functions as a second leg to stand on for the relatively small organisation at the time.


In 1988 De Beer builds a new facility on the other side of the road to facilitate the growth in a larger working environment.


In 1990 De Beer acquires Faber Boer Meeden Metaalwerken (FBM); in those days a supplier of several metal products and mounting kits.


In 1991 De Beer acquires Seyffert Lead-industries, the company with which it all started back in 1953.


In 2000 De Beer acquires Van Der Valk Metalware-factory in Poeldijk and moves the production to Barneveld.


In 2004 De Beer acquires König & Ronneberger in Wuppertal, Germany and thereby gains a major position in the German market for sanitary parts and gaskets.


In 2006 De Beer acquires F.W. Breidenbach in Linsengericht, Germany, which always has been an important supplier of De Beer and many major players in the sanitary market. By doing so, the production of plastic products is added to the group.


In 2007 De Beer acquires Niels Hamdorf, the German supplier of assorted gaskets. By doing so, De Beer strengthens her position in the German market once again.


This year the management of the whole group has been taken over from J. de Beer by his sons Mark de Beer MSc and drs. René de Beer step by step. J. de beer will retire totaly from the active managment by the first of January 2010 and will only manage the new building activities in Wuppertal and in Barneveld (planned in 2010)


As of 1st of October the group acquired the activities of Schneid GmbH. This firm gives us great possibilities in metalworks like turning, milling, cutting and drilling. Here we produce products with small tolerances in single pieces or small series. Besides, we make moulds for plastic injectionmolding as well as for stamping.


As of the 1st of January Van der Valk Metaalwarenfabriek BV will be fully integrated in F.W. Breidenbach (Werk 2) and will stop in 2010 as an independent company. The sales activities for the Netherlands will be covered by J. de Beer bv.


Today De Beer possesses facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The products of De Beer find their way to more than 15 countries. De Beer produces more than 250.000.000 parts in 4 factories in the Netherlands and Germany on an annual basis.


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